Harbour operations

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Harbour towage

  • Our core business: harbour towage

    The heart of our business has always been assistance to ships within port areas. From France to North and West Africa all the way to the Indian Ocean, we are proud to provide harbour towage services in 13 ports and terminals around the world.

    Experience and know-how

    Because of our skilled crews and equipment highly adapted to all situations, we are able to assist vessels of all types and sizes. From small coasting vessels to giant containerships, each year we assist thousands of vessels in all kinds of weather to berth, get under way or move alongside.

  • Safety and performance

    Safety and performance are essential elements that go hand in hand with cost-effective, high-quality services.

    Our operations answer to the highest international quality and safety standards and we apply them to all our operation sites. It’s our way of contributing, with other members of the harbour community, to our clients’ performance, and to the smooth operations of the ports.

    24/7 reliability

    Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non-stop.

  • Where we operate

    FRANCE : Dunkirk – Le Havre and Antifer – Brest – Saint Nazaire, Donges, Montoir, Nantes – La Rochelle (La Pallice) – Marseille, Fos, Lavera

  • AFRICA : Morocco: Tanged Med – Senegal: Dakar – Ivory Coast: Abidjan, San Pedro – Cameroon: Douala INDIAN OCEAN : Mayotte – Reunion Island


Piloting and mooring services

Customized operational solutions

BOLUDA FRANCE continues its strategic development around towage, its core business, by providing a full range of harbour services. Through customized operational solutions and the application of our high HSEQ standards, we answer to our clients’ requirements for quality and efficiency.

  • Pilot services

    To answer to popular demand from our clients and local port authorities, we now provide pilot services in certain locations.

    We provide two types of pilot services:

    • Pilot boats – We crew and manage our own pilot boats to efficiently transfer pilots to and from vessels, often in heavy seas.
    • Pilotage – Our pilots bring their skilled knowledge of manoeuvers, of the port and its specific environment to masters of all types of vessels.

    These services are essential to safe navigation and operations.
    Pilot services are provided in the following ports:

    • Tanged Med (Marocco)
    • San Pedro (Ivory Coast)
  • Mooring services

    Mooring services are an integral part of the services available through BOLUDA FRANCE. Mooring, unmooring and shifting are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non-stop.

    These services are possible because of highly skilled, experienced employees who expertly use specific equipment, such as launches and trucks, to manoeuvre heavy ship lines.

    Mooring services actively contribute to the safety of vessels and harbour facilities. They are provided in the following ports:

    • Tanged Med (Marocco)
    • Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
    • Mayotte
    • Reunion Island
    • Douala (Cameroon)


Emergency response and safety

BOLUDA FRANCE strongly contributes to safety at sea and in ports. Our tugs, some specially fitted with firefighting and pollution control equipment, can quickly intervene to cope with emergency situations.

  • Safety of vessels and harbour facilities

    Harbour facilities are high risk locations, with different industrial activities cohabiting in a relatively small area:

    • Chemical plants
    • Industrial sites
    • Bulk, oil and gas, and other types of terminals
    • Passenger traffic

    Moreover, the flow of often giant vessels, carrying potentially hazardous products, dangerous for the environment, never stops. Under such conditions safety must not be an option.

    This is why we provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Non-stop. Our dedicated staff and sophisticated equipment are always ready to contribute to your safety, with:

    • Emergency towage
    • Firefighting
    • Pollution control
    • Standby services
  • Assistance and salvage

    At sea, the smallest incident can quickly become disastrous. Because the protection of human lives, of the environment, and of our customers’ assets is highly important to us, we also provide emergency solutions.

    Our tugs are strategically positioned to be able to intervene in the Channel, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean.

    On each of our locations our seagoing tugs can be called with very short notice. Our crews are specifically trained to emergency situations.

    As part of their training, our crews regularly participate in emergency simulations, either planned internally or by other members of the port community.

    BOLUDA FRANCE has been awarded a contract for coastal protection with the French Navy (assistance, firefighting, pollution control, container retrieval, etc.).

    We are a member of the International Salvage Union.


Provisioning and other services

  • In addition to towage services, we provide customized marine services such as anchor handling, crew transfer, delivery of supplies to vessels, etc. 
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