Social responsibility

Social responsibility

  • Through its HSEQ policy the Company asserts its social responsibility

    As an international harbour and marine services company, it is BOLUDA FRANCE’s duty to ensure that its activities are carried out in total respect of the environment.

    We carry out our missions with the utmost respect for the moral and ethical values on which our society is based.

    Our social, corporate, and environmental commitment is supported by our entire workforce and is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • To support our human resources

    We invest as much in the continuous training of our onshore and seagoing personnel as we do in the improvement and modernization of our fleet. We also work hard to provide a safe and motivating working environment to our entire workforce.

    To promote a strong ethical code

    We are committed to managing our business with the highest integrity and in the absolute respect of all current laws, standards and regulations.

    To commit to local communities

    Each of our operation sites is run like an independent company and is fully integrated in the economy of its local community. We give priority to hiring locally and we select suppliers and subcontractors who are geographically close.

    To limit our environmental impact

    The sea is not only our working environment it is also our passion. Minimizing our environmental impact is therefore of the utmost importance. For this reason we monitor and control fuel and electricity consumption and strive to constantly adjust our working approach to constantly reduce our impact on the environment.


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