BOLUDA FRANCE exhibits during the 4th edition of Thetis MRE

BOLUDA FRANCE participated in the 4th international convention on marine renewable energy (MRE): THETIS MRE.  The event – which this year was held in Nantes, France, May 20 and 21, 2015 – promotes the development of MRE in France and around the world. Dedicated to sea and energy professionals alike and bringing together companies and experts, it is the most important event of its kind in France.

The field of MRE is in full expansion and many projects are coming alive in France’s coastal waters. Tidal, wind or ocean energy technologies require countless vessels to intervene during different stages of a project.

Boluda France, harbour and marine services provider with locations throughout France, presented its wide range of services and proposed solutions to meet the challenges brought on by these new technologies.