Boluda tugs assisted offloading and towing operations of jack-up barge

The jack-up barge Zourite arrived at La Reunion island loaded on board the semi-sub vessel Hawk. She was towed to La Reunion East harbor on saturday 21st may.

Three Boluda tugs, VB CARTIER, VB BOUGAINVILLE and VB MAHAVEL successfully carried out the offloading and outstanding towage operations with regards to the dimensions and equipment of the jack-up barge : 107m long, 44m wide, fitted with 8 legs and a 33m high rolling crane.

The jack-up barge Zourite has been purposely built for bridge construction works for the “Nouvelle Route du Littoral”. The construction works are anticipated to last 2 years.

New cooperation prospects for our 3 tugs based at La Reunion Island.


Crédit photos : Viaduc Littoral /Photo Havana / Sébastien Marchal