Offshore and marine renewable energy

Coastal/Offshore towage

  • A reliable, customized fleet

    On each of our operation sites we crew tugs specially equipped for either coastal or offshore operations. To answer to all your needs, our fleet of sea-going tugs is efficient, versatile and reliable.

    Project expertise for your marine projects

    We are your preferred partner to move any type of floating object that can be towed (barge, heavy cargo, etc.).

    Our onshore project teams will help you determine your exact needs and assist you in turning those needs into action, while respecting HSEQ and international standards.

  • Marine expertise

    Our experimented crews, well used to the many challenges of the sea, assure safe delivery of your operations.

    Our tugs are chartered under BIMCO type international contract.

    Your contact

    Our project teams are ready to answer all your towage requests.

    Tèl : +33 (0)491 9980 00 –  Email :


Towage in marine renewable energy

  • Development and personalized support

    We provide customized towage services to offshore and marine renewable energy projects. Whether tidal, wind or ocean energy, offshore wind structures, we accompany all parties of marine renewable energy and assist them in their development, particularly in France.

  • Attention to detail, professionalism, and adaptability

    Our wide range of services and our personnel’s know-how and expertise bring the attention to detail, professionalism and adaptability essential to the success of each of the projects we’re involved in.

    In collaboration with our clients, we define technical procedures specifically adapted to each project.

    Our services include:

    • Coastal and offshore assistance to construction, and survey vessels
    • Towage of barges carrying components for offshore wind projects
    • Emergency response.

Support vessels

Offshore operations

Outside the traditional services we provide, our vessels can also be chartered for a certain number of offshore missions, particularly in the field of marine renewable energy. For example:

  • standby services (ready duty)
  • logistical support of studies (geophysics, geotechnolgy, environment)
  • assistance in subsea cable installations
  • transportation of equipment, fuel, etc.

Offshore crew transfer

  • Expertise, know-how, innovation

    BOLUDA FRANCE also provides crew transfer services. Our customized fleet of Surfers are designed and adapted to suit your specific needs.

    Strong with its experience in crew transfer in offshore oil rigs in Africa, BOLUDA FRANCE has positioned itself as a trustworthy candidate in the offshore wind market.

    Our objective is to contribute to this exciting new industry by offering in France and Northern Europe innovative solutions enhanced with our long-term experience and expertise, including in HSEQ.

    We provide our clients with vessels that assure the safe transfer of personnel and merchandise between land-based logistics sites and any offshore structure.

  • Our safety promise

    All our crew transfer operations answer to BOLUDA FRANCE’s high HSEQ standards and are adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients to ensure cost-effective, reliable and quick service.

    Your contact

    Our project teams are ready to answer all your towage requests.

    Tèl : +33 (0)491 9980 00 –  Email :

  • For more information or to discuss your marine projects, give us a call or send us an e-mail.


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