Who we are

  • Over 150 years of experience in harbour and marine services

    BOLUDA FRANCE is a long-standing player with a strong tradition in maritime culture going back to 1864. We now offer our expertise in harbour and marine services to our clients world-wide, without geographical restriction. Our ambition is to share our know-how with our clients to contribute to the success of their operations on a daily basis and therefore ensure the essential link between land and ocean.

Hand in hand with the maritime community

BOLUDA FRANCE is your preferred partner for all your vessel calls and marine projects. At port or at sea, we offer a full range of harbour and marine services to ship-owners, ship managers, engineering firms, brokers, port agents, etc.

Our reliable and efficient services contribute to your success.

From our strategic locations we offer quick and efficient solutions for coastal and marine towage, ship assistance, and emergency operations.

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From towage to marine services


Our history

  • From our early beginnings…

    The company that has become Boluda France was born in Le Havre following the creation of the transatlantic steamship route Le Havre / New York during the 19th century.

    In 1864, Charles Wolter, creates the towage company Les Abeilles and assigns one, then two tugs at the entrance and exit of the port of Le Havre. Other towage companies then slowly open in other French ports.

  • … to today

    With time, successive buyouts, and business strategy, BOLUDA FRANCE’s current organization is finally put in place.

    At the end of 2007, BOLUDA FRANCE joins the towage and salvage division of the Spanish group Boluda Corporación Marítima, one of the world’s largest marine towage ship-owners, operating a fleet of over 200 tugboats in three continents.

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Know-how and service

  • Professionals of the sea

    Since the Company’s beginnings, harbour towage has constantly been at the heart of our business. Over the years, we have expanded our range of services while always maintaining a strong concern for operational excellence. Inspired by our heritage, we do everything we can to offer operations of the highest quality possible, while giving absolute priority to the safety which is essential to our clients’ activities.

  • To crew and operate our vessels, we rely on the competency and marine expertise of over 1200 employees divided among our operation sites

Corporate culture

  • Mission

    We aim to create added value for our clients while assuring efficient and reliable marine services for their projects and calls.


    Since 2007, when the Company fully integrated the Spanish conglomerate Boluda Corporación Marítima, we have been benefiting from the support of a ship-owner with a very strong maritime heritage. With this merger, BOLUDA TOWAGE & SALVAGE, the group’s towage division, became one of the world’s leaders in maritime services, with an international presence in over 50 ports and terminals.

  • Vision

    To expand and develop our leadership in a constantly evolving international context, we aim to:

        • Identify our clients’ constraints worldwide and answer to their needs by offering them innovative cost-effective  solutions.
        • Contribute to the safety of harbour facilities and terminals with modern tugboats equipped with the most recent and most adapted equipment, especially in regards to firefighting and pollution control.
        • Protect our clients’ equipment by ensuring safe operations through regular training of our crews.
        • Maintain a stable and attractive working environment for our employees.
        • Respect the environment and do our utmost to protect its seas and oceans.

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